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Isn’t intelligence simply a capacity to solve problems?

Do you design life? Or does life design you?

Do you follow existing structures or create new ones? Sometimes the greatest ideas are not found in deepening a specific school of thought, but in creating new ones.

It is important to watch what we feed our stomachs, but perhaps even more so, our minds and our souls.

Real is more beautiful than ideal.

Often times we set up traps for ourselves with expectations of how things should be. When reality does not fit that preconceived notion, we allow it to affect us negatively. Why should that be? Things may not turn out the way we want them to, but there lies the intrinsic chaotic wondrous energy of life.

We should always stand up for what we believe in, but you live only once, so don’t give yourself too hard a time. Enjoy life, take pleasure in the little things, laugh more, don’t take everything too seriously.

We forget too easily, adapt too quickly

Value increases with scarcity.

Raison d’être

Looking at the dying art of neon sign making

what is your vision of the future; and how are you going to realize it?

The saddest thing in life isn’t losing, getting bullied, or being wrong; it is losing that curious spark of confidence, intrigue and wonder and forbidding yourself to be naive and brave.

“Striving for perfection only leads to frustration”

—   Alan French